Side Tattoos For Girls

This type of body art, also known as rib tattoos, can be extremely sexy if you choose the right design, color, and size. This page contains many ideas that will help you in selecting the perfect one. Not only do you want to choose a tattoo that looks good, you also want it to represent or symbolize something important in your life, such as an achievement, a new love, a belief, or other life-changing events.

The six types of girls side tattoos below are the most popular today:

1. Flowers – All girls love flowers. One of the most inked flower tattoo design is the lotus flower. It symbolizes understanding, life, and knowledge.

2. Quotes – The sky is the limit on quotes. You can have it say whatever you want it to say, but be sure to choose a quote that is meaningful and readable from about a foot away. Also make sure to check that the words are spelled correctly. We’ve all seen some embarrassing tats on other people, and having words tattooed incorrectly on your body permanently tops the list of embarrassing artwork.

3. Birds – These lovely animals symbolize the ultimate freedom. Some people like to get them in pairs. A swallow represents loyalty, affection, and new love.

4. Stars – A star tattoo symbolizes truth, hope, and achievement; they are very popular among girls. Popular placement locations include having them inked on the sides, fingers, and ankles.

5. Tribal – These are popular because they contain a blend of ancient and modern art. Throughout history, tribal tattoos were used as symbols of identity for the different tribes.

6. Butterflies – Butterfly tattoos symbolize beauty, grace, as well as freedom. I have a close friend who was an ugly duckling when she was younger, but became prettier as she got older, so she decided to get a butterfly tattoo to represent that transformation in her life.

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