Chest Tattoos For Men

Deciding on a new tattoo can be a painstaking process for most. Where to put it, what to actually put, just how bad will it hurt, and should I really be doing this, are just some of the questions most people ask themselves.

Chest tattoos for guys are becoming more and more popular. If you’re thinking of getting one, follow these 10 valuable beginner’s tips to help you through the process. After the quick read, feel free to browse our chest tattoo designs for ideas.

1. Never get a tattoo done on a whim. The saying goes “think before you ink”. Don’t leave it to someone else to pick what will forever be inked on your body. Be 100% sure of what you want and work with your tattoo artist to craft the perfect image.

2. It IS going to hurt. There is no way around it. The chest is not the most painful spot by far, but all tattoos come with a certain level of pain.

3. Keep the design simple. When you’re meeting with the tattoo shop for the first time, don’t go in with an intricate, tribal lion sitting on rainbow. Be open to ideas and suggestions. Your artist does this every day and can tell you what will look good.

4. Trust your artist. You are letting this person permanently mark your body. If you can’t trust them, they shouldn’t be holding the needle to your skin.

5. Do not drink. When it comes to tattooing on a large surface such as your chest, the increased alcohol in your blood can cause excess bleeding and compromise the integrity of the design. Most artists won’t tattoo you if they believe you are intoxicated.

6. If you aren’t happy with the placement of the pattern, speak up! While working with the artist in order to get the right design and placement, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Do not wait until after the ink has started to flow to say you aren’t sure. Keep your clothing in mind when placing the tattoo. If you wear v-neck t-shirts and want to hide your tattoo at work every day, refrain from putting it smack in the middle of your chest.

7. Never get the name of your lover or spouse tattooed on you. This is simply a no-no.

8. Refrain from going with the cheapest shop in town. If it’s cheap, there’s a reason. Quality doesn’t come cheap. If you are a little short in cash to get the best quality tattoo right now, wait until you do.

9. Do your research. Take control of your tattooing experience. Research the shops in your area AND the artists that work there. Find an artist whose work you like and who has a similar vision to what you want done.

10. Do not expect to get it done all at once. If you choose a large area to cover, like chest tattoos, expect that you may have to sit for more than one session. The length of each session and the number of sessions depends entirely on your pain tolerance and the way your skin reacts. Don’t push the artist to keep going or you could regret the result.

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